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Junction Fromagerie

Junction Jam Sessions

Junction Jam Sessions

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A medley of sweet preserves curated from The Junction Fromagerie and Delight Chocolate!

  • NIAGARA PEACHES & VANILLA- Sustainably sourced Niagara Peaches are gently simmered with Organic Fairtrade Vanilla. From Delight Chocolate.
  • FRENCH ONION JAM - This savoury jam tastes as wonderful as it sounds. Pair this rich and savoury jam with mountain cheeses and crusty breads! From Provisions Food Company. 
  • FIG SPREAD – Crafted from Aegean figs, this classic Mediterranean spread is rich and complex with notes of honey and caramel. From Divina.
  • ROASTED RED PEPPER JAM - Origen Roasted Red Pepper Jam is made with 100% natural ingredients.
  • NIAGARA APRICOT JAM – Sustainably sourced Niagara Apricots provide for a classic cheese accompaniment. Delight Chocolate.
  • TANGERINE SPREAD - Fresh tangerines are hand-picked along the Neretva River Valleyof Southern Dalmatia, well-known for its citrus crops. From
  • HOT RED PEPPER JELLY - Sweet and hot! This exceptional classic is made with simple, fresh ingredients and an original family recipe that is more delicious with every spoonful! From Catherine’s Preserves.
  • ROSE PETAL WINE JELLY - Organic rose petals romance Gewürztraminer wine in this nuanced and elegant jelly. From Provisions Food Company. 
  • PORT WINE JELLY - Port Wine, lemon and spices make this exceptional jelly a perfect addition to any cheese board and a must with charcuterie. From Catherine’s Preserves.

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